Finding Your Home & Viewings Procedure

Make it simple – At the top are contact numbers (incl. office mobile) /email addresses

Step 1: Use our ‘Search’ function to find a suitable property based on your criteria. If you are struggling to find a property, please call us 02920 342 299 and one of our experienced members will be able to help you find a selection of properties based on your needs, house size (e.g. 5 bedrooms) requirements and budget.

Step 2: Once you have found one or more properties that are of interest, we would be delighted if you came to have a look in person. Use the ‘contact us page to book a viewing at a time and date most convenient for you or use one of the telephone numbers above to contact us.

Step 3: Once your booking is confirmed you will receive a text message (if a mobile number has been left) confirming the date, time and location of your viewing.

Step 4: Please follow the guidance listed within the automated text message – if you are meeting us at a property we always ask if you can phone us on 02920 342 299 fifteen minutes before you are due to arrive as this allows us a good time to leave our office and meet you at the property.

Step 5: When a viewing is carried out and the correct property is found. The next step would be completing a reservation form. An example can be found below.


Step 6: After you find a property you like the next steps would be discussing the agreement and what it involves. Please find an example of the agreement below.


Tenancy Agreement