Area Guide – Canton


 The doorstep of Cardiff City Centre, the area was formed in the 13th-century using ancient lands from nearby Llandaff and Leckwith Parishes.  It is said that Canton is named after St Canna, the holy matron in the Celtic age of Saints.

From around 1250 for several hundred years Canton Cross was the site of the largest and most significant trading market in the South Wales area. The market was open daily except Sundays on the extensive Canton common lands at the junction where Llandaff Road and Leckwith Road now cross Cowbridge Road East, opposite where the Canton Cross Vaults public house still stands.

The traditional Canton Cross common land now has Cardiff City FC’s Cardiff City Stadium football ground and Cardiff International Sports Stadium built on it, with the last remnant of the medieval market represented only by Bessemer Road fruit market. Canton is popular amongst students, young professionals and families due to the extremely close counters to Cardiff City Centre and also Cardiff University and Cardiff Met. (Llandaff Campus) which is a < 15-minute walk from Canton.

Cowbridge Road East is one of the longest roads in Cardiff, very popular with those looking for an apartment (1-2 bedrooms) and with fantastic access to local amenities such as Tesco Express, Tesco Metro, Sainsbury’s and OneStop. It is said Cowbridge Road East is the heart of Canton and it is the known location to have a home.