Reserving Properties


At Horizon, we have made the process of reserving a property as easy as 1…2…3. Take a look below for a step by step guide on how to secure your property for the next academic year.

1) Decide which property you like

We are so happy you are considering becoming part of the Horizon team. Often times, our letting agents will show you a variety of properties with the same number of bedrooms so you have a selection. The first step is simple, speak with one another and decide which property you would like to go for.

2) Let us know what property you would like to reserve

Contact us by either phone, email or text to let us know what property you are interested in. We will then get all the forms and paperwork ready for you to fill in as soon as you let us know you would like to reserve a property.

3) Fill in our reservation form

When you come into the office, we will have a reservation form ready for you to complete with some information which will include our terms and conditions of reserving a property with us.

4) Reservation payment

We do not take agency fees or deposits, we take a reservation which is the last months rent paid in advanced. It is only £100 per person to reserve a property with us. You then have 14 days to complete all documents and pay the reminder of the last months rent.

Rent Payment Information

Rent payments are made quarterly (every 3 months) and usually align with when student loan payments are made. This may vary as not everyone gets paid at the same time or on the same day.

Bills Information

We work closely with Uni Homes to make the bill payment process as easy as possible. You get gas, electricity, internet, water and TV License included. Please see below to see the additional charge per person per week if you would like to have your bills included. Bill payments and rent payments are separate but they add up to the full amount.

1 Bed – £69 pw

2 bed – £39 pppw

3 bed – £30 pppw

4 bed – £26 pppw

5 bed – £24 pppw

6 bed – £22 pppw

7 bed – £21 pppw

8 bed – £20 pppw

9 bed – £19 pppw

10+ bed – £18 pppw